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I Thought I Missed Out.

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When a donation of socks comes in I seem to remember this story.

Right after Thanksgiving while out in street ministry.

It was the 4th stop and there were 6 folks around the barrel.

They asked of prayer and some more folks came into the camp.

The ministry bag was still full of socks.

Each time a prayer and a love hug.

Soon it was time to go so off to the next stop.

Being led by his Spirit I heard (go around the block).

With a right and another right I was back into the camp.

As I pulled up I saw an elderly lady coming out to meet me.

She had 2 coats on and had a cane in hand.

I asked her if she needed help?

No but I could use some socks.

She smiled as I handed them to her.

I watched as she slipped them onto her hands.

She said "she saw me drive away, and thought she had missed out"

Reaching into the ministry bag another pair of socks welcomed.

I held her hands and prayed for comfort and warmth for her.

I cant tell you what the voice sounded like,

Just that it sent me to the need.

Jesus Spoken Hear.







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