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A Ministry Reward

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A Ministry reward

For the last 14 years a friendship evolved with a homeless man.

He would come to the bible study at the mission and quote scriptures.

At times his mental health would overcome him and a few weeks

would pass from a stay in the mental hospital.

A few years at the mission ended and he started to stay on the streets.

His mental health started to fail and started to show the effects of diabetes.

His feet showed sores and legs began to swell.

He was on disability and there were funds.

His funds were not used for 2 years.

He was unable to live around others and set up home.

He built a hutch structure out of pallets and lived there for 1 1/2 years.

As his body broke down his mental health suffered.

With help he stayed in a nursing home for a few months.

This minister would search for him at all the places with no results.

About 6 months ago he showed up at the local McDonalds.

When the phone rang he said he was ready for help.

He stayed in a local motel off and on the hospital visits became frequent.

He wanted to have cash on hand so kept a large sum on him at all times.

With his last visit to the ER he went to a large hospital.

He left against Dr advice and disappeared.

2 weeks passed and the phone rang he was in Brownsville Texas.

This minister was able to speak to his brother in another state

and he was able to get his brother home and into a hospital.

There he was able to get medical help and mental health aid.

His brother shared that he had asked for a Bible.

They had some time of faithtalk and repair of relationships.

I got the call that he had passed away last week.

This was one of many folks that have blessed this ministry.

There have been tears from the life journey of this man.

Tears of joy for a lost brother who made it home who

was able to be with family, faith, healing, and love.

A Ministry reward

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