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A Son and a Father Hand prints


I got a call that my father was in a I.C.U. for 3 weeks,

and he was not expected to live.

I prayed and asked for one more time to see him.

The hospital dismissed him and sent him to a hospice near me,

he arrived on a Friday we met at the front door.

He was frail but much awake we spent time there talking,

and just enjoying each other.

The next day Sat. he answered all of the questions for his mind was clear,

we spoke in Swedish, Spanish, it was like old-times.

Night came quick we prayed and said good night.

Sunday after church we hurried to the home.

Dad asked for his mom I told him she has been gone for quite sometime.

He said he remembered.

He looked at me and asked are you happy that he was passing away?

I answered no dad but you can do this.

I got my bible out and opened to the blank pages in the back,

and took his hand and traced out along his hand print he smiled

and I laid my hand on the other side and traced my hand print.

I had spoken to him about the lord and he said he was good

but I asked him to renew himself with GOD

and he and I prayed the sinners prayer.

It was a good night for the lord.

He fell asleep and we went home .

The call came Mon. morning he was gone.

The tears fell and I reached for my bible,

it opened to those hand prints,

GOD showed me how those two hands come together in prayer.

There wasn't much of a estate

but you know that those hand prints are priceless.


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