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A Servant

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Thank you for the opportunity to grow although it may be painful.

When a child finds out that dad has left the home

and the bed that was hand made for me was sold things are harder to claim they belong to you.

When mom drives away from the orphanage and you ask what have I done wrong?

These things can mold a child and set life skills downward.

The only man that ever gave me love as I understood is the picture of Jesus on the wall in my room.

The man at the orphanage would drive his truck and get water in barrels.

I promised that picture on the wall, when I grow up to bring water to the thirsty people.

Today I bring the living water to the ones that need Jesus Love.

Whether I have funds to share or internet to connect with you and others,

The cups of coffee, or the new pair of socks, the coats and blankets gifts of love.

The Great commission is my goal & reward

I am honored to be a water barer.

The streets, alleyways, bridges and prayers are the fuel for my feet.

I am but a servant, paid in full by Jesus.

one Kleenex and a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to share.


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