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Why did you come hear.

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Why did you come hear.

Last night after the revival turning left over the train tracks.

There were 30+ young folks playing football in the field.

The words spoken earlier came to life.

Why did you come here brbruce?

" I came to feed you "

The game stopped and they gathered around.

Where is the food one asked?

"Its on it's way"

When someone does bad and you react bad,

what do you have.? bad

Jesus sees all bad,

Stop and think is it something I said.?

That short pause is what God asks us to do.

Today, let's work on following the example,

Be patient to react

even when things happen that don't make sense.

We don't deserve things at times.

Some times the words hurt.

Jesus heard the same words.

And he did what was right.

We all know right from wrong.

Doing it is hard at times.

When you are you are hungry

think about Jesus.... was He hungry for pain.?

That is what they fed Him.

Love never gives up.

So with that I will go .

What is the good news tonight.?

Jesus loves the little children.

The game started up again .

With a loud voice I shared .....

Jesus loves You.

Time to go home.

I heard a voice say come back soon.


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