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Just a little Dust.

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Loaded up the ministry truck and off to street ministry.

Invited to a church outreach I asked where I could set up?

A call was made and the report came.

No you may not set up.

Ok so I dusted off my shoes and  prayed.

As I started to go on I was led to park,

across from the function in a parking lot.

Set out a table and showed the tools of ministry.

When the tailgate came down a few came around.

They thanked me for not leaving.

A few came for prayer,

and one came with some food and a drink.

As time went by I noticed the Sheriff came by

Then a local Judge came by.

For a while I wondered, then a man came to me,

He said that he wanted to share that after talking

that they found nothing wrong with where I set up.

I thanked him and after a while  a lady came over

and donated 7 New Testaments.

I thanked her, this was the first donation of Bibles this year.

As the day closed a man cam down the ally,

I watched as he wondered over to my table.

After a Prayer, a pair of socks , jacket, food pack,

a bottle of water he said thank you.

It was time to head home.

A Good day for the Lord

The dust came off quite fast.

Still 1 bottle left of cold water and it was Good.

Jesus Spoken Hear.


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