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To be used by God.

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At the V. A. in Temple, Texas while praying for a man a nurse entered the room.
As we finished she asked for prayer for herself.
She said that some of the men she cares for say that she is an angel,
and she doesn't want to mislead them.

We held hands and prayed for God to give her the word

to comfort and care,and to do His will. amen

I haven't told you that she works in the I. C. U. area

and many of them are terminal.
She shared this story with me.

An injured man at the end of his life asked.
Does it hurt to die?
She told him that if you are ready then God will be there.
Are you ready?
He said yes and shared that he had given his heart to God as a child,
and at times he has said his prayers.
Then lets pray she said.
They held hands and he spoke.
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear Lord my soul to keep. amen

An angel was with him.
And the teachings of a mother.
To be used by God.
Expect to receive.

Jesus Spoken Hear


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