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"It looked like a hold up"

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One summer in Dallas I was a witness for a construction co.

Court was in the day time and the night was free time.

I took a walk about 5 blocks from down town

and to the calling I found 1 street 2 sides full of homeless people.

I paused and got my composure and prayed.

As I walked along I shared the lord with all .

I prayed for a mans dog that had been blind

and very old he was passing and the man needed comfort.

I Found a young woman pregnant we prayed for her baby

it hadn't moved for several days as we were praying she cried out

from a kick in the side from the baby.

It was great.

There are more to tell but the best is when a group of 30/50 gathered at a park

it was time for church we sang Jesus loves me this i know

after a while I asked for all to say out loud the sinners prayer .....

There were a few who walked away still 25+ raised there hands to pray

then there was a lot of noise and a police car pulled up

they got out and said what is going on

" I guess it looked like a hold up".........

I said that we were saying a prayer..

They shook there heads and left ......

That was a good night for the lord.


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