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His Faith was Small

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While at a ministry outreach while sharing with an Evangel Cube,

a ministry tool about the Good News of Jesus and the Cross.

A young man and his mother came by

and sat on the tailgate,of the ministry truck.

He was watching the story on the cube with much interest.

As I finished with the folks I went over to him and asked him.

Did he hear the Good News of Jesus ?

He spoke about when he was very young and how his faith was small.

I showed him the Jesus story and about our path of faith,

through the work of the Cross, the priced paid for us all.

It wasn't long before his mother leaned over and said Jesus.

You could see the change come over his face the tears welling.

I asked him if he would like to pray with me ?

He shook his head and swallowed hard and said Yes.

Today a man renewed his faith and it was large.

We all wiped tears of joy.

Another prayer for mom, and we walked over to the clothes,

spread out on the plastic tarp, He didn't find any thing he wanted

but as we looked at some of the hats I reached down

and picked up one that had a logo of N. Y.

his eyes sparkled as he asked if he could have it ?

Yes,  but I don't remember seeing that hat in the donations.

I shared how it was there just for him.

What an Honor to be able to help this young man.

God's timing and a mothers prayers answered.

To God be all the Glory.

With tears of joy.

Jesus Spoken Hear



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