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3 Minute Rule.

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3 minute rule.

In the first 3 minutes with a stranger

speak the name of Jesus.

While in ck out line at a grocery store today,
a man in a nice leather jacket was behind me.
I turned around and commented that his jacket
sure looked warm.
He smiled and said yes great warmth.
I smiled and said yes it's just like Jesus.
He smiled and agreed
I went on paid my bill and left.
On my way outside I walked past a nice Harley.
Sure enough he walked up and smiled I said Nice bike.
I introduced my self Bruce
he shook my hand and said Pt.
We talked about faith
and he shared that he doesn't go to any church.
That when he go's in he just starts to cry.
I shared that that was the Holy Spirit.
That is how Jesus gives us comfort.
Comfort to get past the past
and comfort for what is to come ahead of us.
Kind of like the small mirror on his bike.
To know whats behind him.
The large windshield
to focus more on whats ahead.

He shared that he has struggled with addiction.
He has got past of the drugs and alcohol.
These cigarettes are the hardest.
I asked him if I could pray.

Lord today right now we ask for this hard thing
cigarettes be removed from Pt.
Give him peace in his life
and faith that will help him on his way.
Thank you for this new friend.
Bless his every step to do your will.
in the name of Jesus amen

It was lunch time a busy time of day,
and 5 others there with there heads bowed.
and a loud amen was heard by all.
Jesus Spoken Hear.
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