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The Present of Christmas 2017

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The Present of Christmas 2017

Cold weather is coming and we needed some supplies.
The list was made and I made my way to town.
A stop by the post office box and a blessing of a donation.
Not much traffic down town a parking spot up front.
The lady at the bank had a bag of clothes, another blessing.
As I left the bank I looked atop the courthouse the star of David.
A short drive around the block, light bulbs painted all colors.
A banner crossed over road Merry Christmas.

The shopping list not getting smaller.
Went to the hardware store for some supplies.
At the check out a man in front of me greeted me,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With a shake of hands, I shared a God Bless you.
As I started to drive off I noticed him tying down his load.
I heard the words stop.
I stopped and got out, he came around and said,
" I need to know your name" I shared " brbruce".
His name was Walt, he shared the he had just
went through a bad divorce and she got the kids.
He was going to re-up in the military to find some peace.
I shared that in time his children will be able to understand.
I asked him if I could pray for him.
He said right now?
I said there is no time like the present.
After prayer we wiped some tears, and a smile was there.
It is written it is better to give than receive.
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