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Home Jesus Spoken Hear Jesus Spoken Hear Faith to do what we know works.

Faith to do what we know works.

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I would like to share this story

and pray it spreads Hope to those in need.

There has been disasters lately with wildfire in many areas .

A group of men were walking through areas that fire took everything to dust.

They entered an area where a few trees were still standing when

one man noticed a fresh spider web.

With great joy he stopped the crowd and proclaimed

This is a sign from God.

The spider was alive and wove the means to find food.

I am sure that hope for food it faithfully did what it knew worked.

Lets us all pray  for those who have lost so much to have hope and faith.

With Jesus we can find hope and faith to do what we know works.

God knows and will get us through times of disaster.

Jesus Spoken Hear.


Last Updated on Friday, 01 September 2017 19:29