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Gate Keeper

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Gate keeper

A friend who lost his home behind a storefront

has found himself at a park in front of the church in the bushes.

I was touched to hear him share with me

that he still goes to the storefront and feeds 2 Ferrel cats.
Its 108 temp and he walks 6 blocks to feed cats
that run away from him when he gets too close to them.
He is not bitter that his home was all tossed into a dumpster
his meds are missing and personal effects gone.
He worries that he won't be able wait till the first to get more cat food.

I thank those folks that support this ministry for a bag of cat food was made available .
A new pillow and plastic tarp and some rope to make a lean to off of the fence,
where the bushes cover the site from the road view.
He gets breakfast from the UPS truck driver at 6 am
if he waits on the corner some times the truck waits for him.
I asked the UPS man if he gets complaints he shared yes but who else will do it.
A short 4 blocks to the local shelter a hot meal every week night at 5pm.
He has a charge account at a Tex Mex dinner and gets his weekend meals there.
The Mc Dees has money cards that I like to get  for emergency needs.
Subway foot longs for 5 bucks still work.
A great donation of some 3x tee shirts came last week just his size.
He is one of the many folks that are on the street in this small town.
Who else will do it.


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