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I Just want to hold it.

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I Just want to hold it.

One Sunday while picking up men to go to church

a man entered the shelter door and asked for some coffee?

They had none made,so I shared my cup

when he finished it he asked what it was on top of the fridg?

They said bread rolls did he want one?

he asked for two. I sensed he was hungry.

This man is truly homeless he sleeps behind a store in a box in the alleyway.

When he finished the bread rolls he looked to me

and asked "brbruce are you going to church"?

I answered "yes" he asked if he could go? Sure you can.

They gave him the whole seat in the van .

This man has had a stroke and not able to care of himself.

When we got to church we found him a seat

before church started I asked him if he had a bible?

He said " I got no place to keep it "

We found a pocket sized one for his shirt pocket it fit .

When I asked him if he could read it ?

He said "yes" but he just wanted to hold it.

There were tears of Joy that followed.


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