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Larry's Thanksgiving

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Larry's Thanksgiving

While on the streets I meet many people

and they share life stories.

This is one I learned this Thanksgiving.

As I crossed the street out front of St Johns Mission downtown Houston.

A man sitting on a milk crate smiled and I reached out to talk to him.

Hi I'm brbruce, he said good to meet you I'm Larry.

I asked Larry if he had a good Thanksgiving?

Oh yes he said I got to be with my family.

He shared that 2 days before Thanksgiving,

he was able to get some new clothes and clean himself up.

He went to the bus station and called his son.

They picked him up and he was with them all that day.

Thanksgiving night they brought him back to the bus station and said Goodbye.

He share that he waited for a while and then walked 4 blocks back to the Mission.

I asked Larry if they knew that he was homeless?

No he said I don't want them to be burdened with me.

There was a silence for a while and I asked him if we could pray?

Larry and I prayed and got things right with God.

He shared that he was 83 and Jesus is Lord of his life.

I got a big hug and made my way back across the street.

Larry waved and patted his heart and shouted out

(I love you Brother Bruce)

I patted my heart wiped the tears and shouted out

(Thank You Jesus)

This was a payday for this minister.

Jesus Spoken Hear


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