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Daddy Hugs

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While at a park next to a shelter there was a woman

with 3 children sitting at a picnic bench.

I sat down and started to talk to her,

as we spoke I asked if I could pray for her ?

(Yes) was her answer.

After prayer one of the children,

a boy asked if he could sit in my lap?

With a smile she nodded yes.

I opened my arms and he jumped into my lap.

laughter and joy came from the lighthearted playing and tickles.

He stopped and looked at me,

and asked me (are you a daddy?)

I answered yes I am.

His words touched my inner soul

(would you give me some daddy hugs?)

Of all things that ministry allows

this is one of the reasons why I am a minister.

I looked to the mother and she had tears

and nodded her head yes.

Oh the joy that floods my soul.


I too remember going to the park,

Dad would bring toys and I too would ask for daddy hugs.

Jesus Spoken Hear.


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