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Safe in His Tent

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In a small town in Texas

a transient man found a space across from a store

in a field to pitch his tent.

He would set out at the store

and folks would pass by some would take the wide trail ,

some would extend a hand in friendship.

This minister spoke to him each time.

Months and than a year passed,

no he didn't want to go to the shelter.

One day he received a pocket size New Testament,

and allowed a prayer to be spoke.

A renewed walk with GOD.

A free ride from the government

had gifted him to the county line a few times,

he was bitter but still he spoke to me.

So is the life of a homeless person

who chose to live outside the standard that others expect.

Its not unusual for these folks to disappear.

He was found in his tent .

He had been there for 6/7 months .

The P.D. had to cut into the tent to remove him

.The zipper was closed from inside.

No foul play some money and a Pocket New Testament with him.

If not I.D.ed than 2 trustees from the jail will dig a grave

and I will speak over him to a Christian goodby

This is not the end by far.

The Strong man has been bound and his house spoiled.

two young men were out looking for a bridge to cross over the stream

,but they found another bridge

one to a mansion with streets of gold.

This small town has read in the paper for 2 weeks this front page story.

The government has to answer to the vote.

Folks are talking about this man

who was safe in his tent and now at rest.



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