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The Workman is Worthy of His Pay.

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In front of the shelter a man in a wheelchair spoke.

He said this season has changed my life.

I got the funds to get a car and have insurance to be legal,

and in it I have a place to call home.

I got some sores on my feet and had to go to the hospital

they towed my car and impounded it for the tow bill.

I have had my feet treated and now they have had to remove them.

I can live with out them.

I say this to share with you with every breath I have

I will keep thanking the Lord for a life full of his love.

I could have lost my voice, sight, or the friends that call me preacher.

I will stay firm in sharing the good news of JESUS.


I was humbled to hear him as I walked to the ministry truck.

I climbed in and got some Bibles, food packs

and some socks to give to him, I found a pair of gloves.

I will bless the lord at all times.

The workman is worthy of his pay.




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