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Give Your Best

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Give Your Best

While in Houston for a prayer luncheon,

afterwords I went to the ministry van

and changed clothes to go out into the streets.

I sat outside of the van and changed

from my cowboy boots into a pair of work boots.

A man came up to me and said Sir I need some shoes.

I looked down at my work boots

and over at the shiny cowboy boots and looked back up to him,

and handed him the cowboy boots.

I reached into the van and got a new pair of socks

and asked him if he had a shirt "no Sir"

I reached back and got the pants and shirt that I just changed out of.

He started to well up,

I shared that God had sent me here to help him today.

He look at me and said "I prayed this morning for some clothes

I want to look good for a friends funeral tomorrow".

I shared that's how God answers prayers.

We agreed in prayer and I drove away.

A few blocks away I pulled over and had a good cry.

I recalled how I looked down upon the work boots.

God said Give your best.



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