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A Prayer for The Tire Angel

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A Prayer for The Tire Angel

On the way home I stopped by the tire shop

to get help for a man staying at the local  shelter.

He has a flat on his truck and the plates have expired

if the local law finds it in disrepair they will tow it off.

As I spoke at the tire shop

I learned that my tire angel had passed away 3 days ago.

I had known him for the last 6 years and prayed with him

when his wife died from cancer 4 years ago.

I asked if they would join in a prayer.

We joined hands and prayed

Father in heaven I thank you for this man

the tire angel who never knew how to say no

and was always wanting to help.

Give peace to these men here

that knew his friendship and love for JESUS.

May we find hope in the faith he shared with us in the name of JESUS amen.



As we wiped our eyes and hugged one another a man spoke up.



Please pray that GOD will allow me to be a tire angel.



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