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Harvest festival.

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Saturday we held a Harvest festival.
It started slow with a few of folks from around the church.
As the day went the crowd grew to around 60+.
I am the safety man I wear a bright reflective vest.
Trying to stay close to the road for folks crossing the parking area.
Standing in the road a man stoped and begain to speak.
He shared how his 2nd wife has left him and how he has started to drink.
He shared how he has been sober for 8 years but now it back on.
He begain to cry and and share how his heart was broken.
This ministry is what God has placed me in today.
I shared that God is the only one who can heal your heart.
We talked about his son that has changed and now sober serving God.
When asked if he understood how Jesus asked God to take this cup,
He said no I shared that Jesus knew about the weight that sin has on man.
Jesus took on that weight, the sins of man.
He was there with his son when he made that choice to change.
I asked him can Jesus come into your heart and take the pain.
This is when I began to cry.
There in the street time stopped and he asked Jesus into his heart.
There God started the heart work that he was needing.
I stand Amazed at how God works.
Yes the children had fun and ate candy, hot dogs, pop corn.
But just think it was a Harvest , one more for Jesus.
Jesus Spoken Hear.

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