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A voice called out DADDY

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After the bible-study at theĀ  mission,

a crowd gathered in the park.

We opened with prayer.

JESUS loves me this I know.

OH how I love JESUS.

GOD is so good.

Praise and worship.

The message came forth.

Last week in a meeting there were 30+ in the room

a man was called from the room by the monitor.

His family had come to visit him.

As the door opened a voice called out DADDY!

a silence came upon the meeting.

The men had herd a call of a child for his father

the word touched all tender to his call.

How many felt the touch of this child

as he called out in joy for the love for a father.

We all felt it.

The same love and joy is known by GOD when we call out to him.

His love for us is real.

He knows every one of our names.

The path we take to faith is shown to us by the call of a child.

Father in heaven open our hearts to this love unconditionally

and teach us to call out to you.

You are that greater power,

the price was paid in full by your child JESUS.

Your HOLY SPIRIT comforts us we call out to you.

In the name of JESUS amen.....


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