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" I too need friends "

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This report was hard to write.
I will ask of you to remember this ministry in prayer.

Early one week I got a call from a indigent Veteran.
He has had a bout of illness and the water co. has removed his water meter.
He was late for 3 months $90 .
He lives in a 83 ford motor home.
He has never had electric and now no water.
He called me and reported that he wanted to end the pain.
Need I say that all things stopped and it was a rescue.

I asked a friend in law enforcement to go with me in plain clothes.
He had made some threats that needed to be addressed.
My friend attends the same church as I do so we partner up often.
we stopped by and picked up some food and water and a blanket.
We spent a few hours with him and when we left him we prayed.
He didn't want to harm himself or any one else he just was desperate.
He has some mental health issues and will probably lose his independence soon.

Just think how man can come together in friendship and make a difference in life.

We can't always choose your ministry assignments.

The veteran has passed away.

It has been a few months the motor home is now home for another veteran..

There is a power pole and a new water meter and a new friend.

These words I remember " I too need friends "

Jesus Spoken Hear


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