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He said can we?

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While working on a ministry fishing project

a truck came up the drive 3 men got out

and asked if they could take a look.

Yes climb in watch out for the floor.

This is an old 1956 Metro van just a body on a trailer.

They took turns sitting in the drivers seat

we sat on the tire covers inside and smiled .

After awhile they started to leave we shook hands .

One of the men shared that the older man was his grandfather,

the other one is his father.

3 generations enjoying the fishing camp.

I asked if I could do my job?

I spoke to the elder one and asked if he died today

would he be in heaven with Jesus?

He stared at me for a while then wiped his eyes

and said I do not know.

I shared that his job here on earth

is to show others about how good GOD is.

Right now GOD is asking you to give your life to him.

To let JESUS into your heart.

He said can we?

I asked them to join hands and to repeat the sinners prayer.

This is the first time I was a witness to this

3 generations coming together in CHRIST.

I was taken to the side by the young man

and he shared that they were returning from the Dr's.

with a report that grandpa has cancer.

Does GOD have a plan....

Jesus Spoken Hear


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