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Thanksgiving in a Homeless Camp

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There were 7 men that stayed in the camp.

They gathered there funds and got 3 jars of gravy and 2 loaves of bread.

They were cooking it up when I entered the camp.

Will you eat with us they asked ?.

I said yes and that I have a 12 pack of sodas in the van.

Plastic plates and forks 3 slices of bread and some gravy.

The meal was blessed.

We were almost finished when 4 men entered the camp

they had some sweet-rolls via dumpster shopping.

4 plates and forks were cleaned and a soda for each.

I was touched when I heard one ask for a little more gravy please.

We finished our meal and downed the sodas joined hands in a circle and prayed .

One man asked if he could pray.

Lord Thank you for this daily bread

and for a little more gravy. amen.



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