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Willing to be used

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Willing to be used

In a truck stop in Texas a man stood behind me at a food stand
and asked if I wanted to sit and eat with him .
We sat in a booth in the center of the room
and I asked if he mind if I prayed over the food.

We held hands and I spoke Father GOD let your spirit fill this place

and bless all who enter in the name of Jesus. amen

I was pleased to hear about 20 amens.
just what a preacher needs an open door.
Shall we have church ? a loud ( yes. )
So many of us save books to read some day when we find the time.
We know that within those books there are pearls of wisdom to a great wealth

every man in this room has a story to share
on the days of a life journeys full of treasure its time for us to share
with the youth, to be a father to the fatherless.
To show how GOD has placed us in this world
to enrich the short time we have others.
I will challenge you today.
What ever you are willing to accept it will never change.
If you are willing to be used by GOD. expect to receive.
If the need to renew yourself in JESUS is present
right now is the time to stand up and be counted
the room stirred and 5 stood up.
I ask of help the rest in this room to stand with these men
and repeat the sinners prayer.
The voices came out as a great song of worship and praise
to GOD for the love of his son JESUS.
LORD JESUS thank you for those willing to be used.
Think of the next truck stop as an alter call.
To GOD be all the GLORY.

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