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Christmas Socks

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While out driving in street ministry

look for old couches or chairs

underneath trees sometimes you can find a barrel

with out a top there will be a few friends

warming up keeping the cold away.

Not far away you will find a camp

it can be under a parked trailer or under a bridge.

One year as I walked up into a camp

there were 6 men huddled around a barrel.

Hello brbruce one reached out to get a hug.

He asked if there were any Christmas socks?

I shared that all of the socks were gone,

but there are some gloves.

He smiled and said that would be better,

as he would be able to move his fingers easier.

There were some for all and a few blankets were needed.

While passing them out I was able to pray for each one.

What better time to give thanks for God's blessings.

Jesus Spoken Hear



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