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The Ultimate Gardener

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Weeds in a garden are what sin is to man.

Weeds will grow in the most cared for, and watched over gardens.

Weeds will injure a plant by choking them off, and will soon exhaust the soil.

Sin in our lives can be difficult to keep in check, even as these pesky weeds in your garden.

Sin in our lives may seem to come from nowhere, but its everywhere.

It will choke the moral and spiritual life from us; it will exhaust us, wasting us until it has destroyed us.

Weeds come in many shapes and sizes, and can be spotted by a watchful eye.

Sin also lacks any single shape, or size, and at times, is hard to be discerned.

No garden is ever safe from weeds!

No man is ever safe from sin, neither is he from those who wish to draw him, or her into sins clutches.

A neighbor’s un-cared for lawn, or garden, will produce weeds,

weeds that will soon spread, and find their way into another man's place.

To grow a fine garden, the ground must be cultivated each year,

and for many years hence-forth.

In every man's life, sin must we watched for; seen for what it is;

and when understood, rejected immediately before it can produce any damaging results.

A garden must be examined often, and the weeds pulled one by one, and on a regular basis.

We do have the help of the ultimate gardener; the Holy Spirit.

He is the gardener of gardeners, being without equal.

Nothing gets past his eye and caring hand.

Therefore we must all seek God's Holy Spirit,

for He will watch over our lives in order for us to come into a full Christian blossom.

When sin is found in anyone, a person must commit with all their strength, to cut away the root of that sin.

When finished, your garden will explode with many color, and fragrances.

Its beauty will catch, and hold the eye of all who view it.

And so it can be with each and every believer.

Put time, and energy into your moral and spiritual life.

Feed it often with the word of God, and water it with the living waters coming from Jesus Christ.

Always be watchful for the tell-tale signs of sin in your life;

and also in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Only then, with the aid of the Holy Spirit will our lives blossom forth the good fruit of the Holy Spirit.

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