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A Jesus Journey.

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A Jesus Journey.
While in a large city in Texas as a man stood on the corner,
this minister spoke and asked "How are you today" ?.
In a frail voice he said " Not well today"
Without a pause I asked what is the matter?.

He shared that he was unable to find work as his illness
has started to show on the outside and the sores keep folks
from wanting to give him work. he needed some help to find
some shelter for a few days.

I was not aware of any shelters in the area so I asked him where
there was a place for him to stay?
The Bunk House it is a few blocks away $7.00 for 3 nights.

Off we went for this Jesus Journey.
He shared that he was just standing there and finished a prayer
when I came by. He asked God to give him rest from this storm.
As we walked he shared and I watched as he started to smile.
A walk of 7 blocks through some rough areas he pointed to the building
the one with many folks out front.
I gave him some cash and asked him to bring his ticket receipt.
(I wanted him to pay for his bed and not leave.)

When he returned and showed me his ticket I gave him a few more $
and we prayed .
As I was leaving he began to cry I asked him what was the matter?
He said that I was going to have walk back through the same area,
alone and he feared for me.
I shared that God is our provider.

There were several stops on the way back.
On one corner there were some working girls.
One said that she knew that I was a minister
as not many like me come down to this area,
that she watched me as I passed through the streets
and stopped and prayed for some of her friends.

A few blocks later at a campsite,
a man asked if he could walk a way with me?
As we walked and talked he said that he was looking
for work enough for a bus ticket home.
We passed by a fruit market and a man called out to us
and said do you need a job?
I share that I I didn't but this man did.
God blessed this man in his time of need.
With a prayer and a hug and smile off I went.
This minister follows the call to just love them.
Jesus Spoken Hear.

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